I want to become a journalist. I want to find people and stories and I want pull angles out of thin air and I want to always be learning and creating and giving in a creative way. I want to be engaged and focused and excited and collaborative with a fiery passion. I want to try to understand how the world works and then I want to convey it in the words that fit.

What do I do now that I’m not good at it at all?


Welcome to the drinking game!

Have a zero/low calorie drink every time you get hungry!

Let me know if you’re interested in playing. It’s so much fun. Extra points if you mention your beverage of choice!

Warning: teeth staining may occur.

Comment number of drinks you’ve had below so we can all get super competitive!!

i don’t know what i

struck a chord~


i don’t know what i
am doing on my best days,
let alone the rest –
sleep is always over-
or underrated and never
quite the solution

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my favourite youtuber…

is Haley Blais.

I love this woman for all that she is.
(I wish I was her (a hundred times over)).

A second close comes Barry Pierce, who is 118 years old, and also, dead.

If you bothered to read this, you are obligated to leave your favourite YouTuber in the comment box below.

(don’t let me tell you what to do.)

i need to tell you a thing

It is time i tell you a thing.

And that thing is that i have two children. The elder one, Cather is a girl and she is older to Mathew, a small ball.

Both of them are home schooled- we (me and my wife and the kids) take impromptu trips to mountains to study rocks in real life and we learn swimming in natural water. We calculate days till the summer solstice (i think that’s what it’s called) and then we camp out on the last day and watch the sun rise together. We let them cycle and learn about people by talking to actual people. The world is their school and we(me and my wife) watch them learn.

Cather is not like Cather from Fangirl but she is like Blue from The raven cycle. But Mathew is very like Mathew from The raven cycle (very cute and adorable).

And lastly, both of them are imaginary!

Don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk?

Once in a while, this blog will give some advice.

You’ve been warned.

Shaving half your head(hair) off

I did that. Not literally, but technically. Let me tell you all about it!

I knew I wanted a side cut when I saw it. Yet, it took me quite some time to get to it. And when I did, I didn’t shave it per se, instead, I cut it. Or I got my sister to do it.

It was late at night. I hadn’t told my parents of my such and such plans. In our room, I spread some newspapers, brought the scissors out, blah blah.
And then I told my sister to snip.
(I’m afraid of the shaving thing)

Now it might seem weird that I’m asking my sister to cut my hair, but when she snipped it at the root, it looked like just shaved.
So my sister snips. It’s obviously not all even and bald looking. But it’s not bad.

Now let’s recap. We’re chopping my hair off to look shaved. I’m leaning in front of some papers and the mirror. My sister has a huge ass scissor and she’s trying to give me what I want. It’s a crime scene.
And at that moment, my father walks in.

Father enters – sees half bald head with uneven scattering of hairs – cut hair on newspaper – It’s s crime!!

My father was obviously not very pleased. He was pissed (even though my hair, my rules!). He mutters a few words and walks out.

Me and my sister continue. I am not concerned by my father. They can’t stick my hair back up.

Hair cut – done. It’s a shocker obviously! Half my head is shaved off! But I like it.

Funnily enough, this half head shave is much better than a lot of my impulse cuts. And I also like the shaved head feel.
There’s another bonus point.
I have thick hair. Thick mane like hair. If I flip the one side hair to my shaved side, you can’t even notice my shaved head. And if I flip a little part of it, it looks like a normal side part. Except if I did have the hair in my shaved part, it would look too thick. So ie, it looks great.

Did I regret it?
No. I loved it.

Do I regret it now?
Naw. Right now, it’s grown but not fully. That is, it sticks out. Growing this definitely is a pain, but a little gel and it’s all cool.

For me, a side cut was a good thing because it gave my hair the appearance of normal hair.
I have a lot of hair, ask anyone who knows me. And I have a small face. So due to the lack of hair, the hair I put over it sat down more and didn’t look so puffed.
And I loved the side cut. It made me look, hella bad ass.

Stuff to consider before getting a side cut:
You want to look bad ass.
It will take eons to grow back and it will stick out (or not, depends on your hair type).
You will have to live through every stage of growing it out – from small stubs to almost fully grown but only in some parts.
Comments will come – own it.

You don’t need to worry so much about if it will suit you. It’s just shaving your hair – It’s all good.

As for why I’m growing it out, even though I loved it, is because the alternative is maintaining it shaved and the possibility that if I might want all my hair back, I’ll have to wait a year. But I still want my side cut. So I sorta kinda have a back up plan.

I plan to deadlock the side once it grown out. I get an almost side cut, and I can procure my hair whenever wished.

And about my parents…
The next day I managed to avoid them and avoid the topic… Till afternoon when they demanded to see it and concluded they actually liked it!
Well at least my dad gave that sort of smile that said what can I do she’s my daughter and this is what she does and my mum said it made my hair look less poofed up so it suited it.

Aka. Should you get a side cut?
Damn right.

i remember when your head caught flame

I’m not going to sleep, I tell myself as I curl up in a ball on my parents bed/ sofa/ chair/ anywhere.

I’m not going to sleep, I tell myself again as I zombie walk to my bed when my dad soothsayes me from wherever i have dropped dead.

I’m not sleeping, I tell myself as I’m sleeping on my bed, under my blankets, so very obviously sleeping.