Eating up some movies and TV episodes

Been consuming a lot of (visual) media lately. Let’s dish it out-
amybeth-mcnulty-as-anne-shirley-in-anneAnne with an e- episode 1
This! This was wonderful. The story is told so beautifully and everything is so whimsical. I’ve never read Anne of Green gables before (consciously, I once borrowed it from the library but never got into it) and I am BOTH loving and excited for the story and the execution and how it’s being told. The vibe is so peaceful and intelligent. Anne is a wonderful. My stomach is in knots thinking about the next episode and what’s going to happen. My only qualm is that it was a bit long, but I watched it in two parts so it was perfect. Would definitely recommend watching.
image_e4790569Kiki’s delivery service
Ah, Miyazaki. I am so ashamed I haven’t watched much Miyazaki because I know he is wonderful and I know I like his work a lot! I love how his stories are enchanting and SO different. I find that a lot of narratives around me are so like mine and the ones I’m accustomed to seeing around. Miyazaki is like a breath of fresh air. He is different without being different. He doesn’t have the layer of being different. He is just like that naturally. I don’t know if I’m making any sense, my brain just feels that way.
Kiki’s delivery service was so nice to watch. It has all the Miyazaki components and sweet parts. I would definitely recommend this one too- it’s about witches, the Witch spirit, about learning to live, about being kind and helpful and hardworking. And trying. And you know, lots of life things. Go watch it.
Westworld – episode 1
Rosianna from YouTube talks about this a lot. I watched this video about it and admittedly it sounds super interesting and intriguing. And it was. Except it wasn’t the clearest. I don’t know if I’d have been able to understand what’s the reality if I hadn’t watched that video. That video told me a few things and I still was questioning those things while watching it. And it also wasn’t all that gripping. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Gripping usually follows a formula and isn’t really worth it a lot. Which leads me to my next show.
Unlike the other TV shows on this list, I watched two episodes of this. Wow! Rpund of claps! This show was definitely Gripping. But unlike Westworld, I’m not going to be going back to watching it. Not because I didn’t like it. If it’s on TV I’ll watch it. I’ll read wiki for the summary. But I won’t watch it because I don’t think I’ll be missing anything if I skip out on it. It’s a typical cop show that will follow a certain pattern with an over arching arc and it will be Gripping and a lot of fun to watch but nah. I’ll pass.
synecdoche2c_new_york_posterSynechdoche, New York
I’ve stopped trying to twist my words to show that I liked something obscure and intellectual because I wanted to be such and such a person. Not everything is going to appeal to me.
And this, didn’t. It wasn’t all like that, there were some gems of moments, but it was mostly droning and ununderstandable delicious and weird shit. And it was slow. And I needed something so much else at that time. I was feeling like shit and this movie gave me crap. Would have happily switched The fault in our stars for this.
personal_shopper_kristen_stewart_movie_poster_official-723x1072Personal shopper.
I think Kristen Stewart is fucking gorgeous? Now that that’s out there lemme say that this movie was too. I’m not a horror movie person and especially not a watch horror movie alone person. But God this was good and perfect. It’s a horror movie but more of not a horror movie. It was eerily peaceful and calm, it gives space unlike filling it with a lot of things. And the story was engaging, although it might have been a little predictable, but I happen to be a little dumb, so that didn’t come in my way of enjoying it at all. A lot of the movie is the performing much less the happening. And I loved it. And it was quite deep. Unlike other horrors, which are mostly jump scares and chants to expell ghosts. Watch itttt.
Bob’s burgers
This show is weird as fuck and I like that fuckery.
Keeping up with the Kardashians
The only trashy/reality TV I like- America’s next top Model and Masterchef. I can stomach other cooking competition shows too. But that’s my peak.
So why did it watch this? I think it was curiosity and also the fact that I felt that I was basing a lot of my opinions around the Kardashians from wrong assumptions. Also rich people have to have interesting lives yeah?
I watched the first episode of the 13th season, ie the current one. Before the Paris robbery and all. And ugh, it was so dissapointing! I didn’t care about their Dash store or their sentiment to it at aaaaall. And for a hypy drama show, the drama was sub par. It was a let down. I liked the visuals and some parts of it were certainly fun to watch but overall, a big meh. I loved the parts with Kanye’s show. I thought Kim looked drop dead gorgeous and I am not a fan or even close of her butt or body. It was her face. It’s so gorgeous? I’m sad she doesn’t show plaster that part of her on her social media, but then it’s her choice and I’m no-one to pass judgement. Kim is definitely my favorite. Also the platinum blonde Kardashian with the short hair did really cute space buns but when she put extentions it looked shit.
I don’t know what I’ve portrayed over here about my inclination to the show but I’m still going to watch the next one? Mostly coz of the robbery. Don’t judge I’m critically watching this show as an experiment.
The edge of seventeen
Why is everybody raving about this? It was by no measure bad but even in its genre and type pool it wasn’t the best standing movie out there. I enjoyed the weirdness and I enjoyed the whole thing but on a lower level. It could have been better. It doesn’t touch my favorites list at all or even close.
I haven’t actually finished watching this. Shame on me.
Doctor who – The pilot
Bill- awesome. Loved how she thinks and her sense of humor. Can’t wait to get to know her more.
The story line- classic Doctor Who but not that majestic or magical. It didn’t strike all that much with me. But God did I miss The Doctor! I have so many questions about what he’s been up to! Professor? For 70 years? Oh crap I haven’t watched the Christmas special…
That’s been a lot. I think this is it. I have a wedding to go to tonight. Tell me what you thought of any of these and of my thoughts. Also how is Before I fall. I kinda want to watch it but the camera print that is currently out is so bad and unwatchable.

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