Question: Who killed Julius Caesar?

Brain: Marcus Butler.



my favourite youtuber…

is Haley Blais.

I love this woman for all that she is.
(I wish I was her (a hundred times over)).

A second close comes Barry Pierce, who is 118 years old, and also, dead.

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(don’t let me tell you what to do.)

my eyes are shut in the shower

and in their place, take my hands
rounding all the corners, edges, curves

measuring the size
of my thighs

hoping to find bone sticking out
only to find fat hanging out

while i lather on soap.
-too much skin-

my eyes are shut in the shower

to avoid seeing
for seeing leads to feeling
under the mountain of doom

finds me covering
in despair, desperation, self loathing and hate

hence it finds me
covering my eyes.

my eyes are shut in the shower
yet to no avail
for my hands are there to take over
and scale every inch of the place.
-too much skin-