i need to tell you a thing

It is time i tell you a thing.

And that thing is that i have two children. The elder one, Cather is a girl and she is older to Mathew, a small ball.

Both of them are home schooled- we (me and my wife and the kids) take impromptu trips to mountains to study rocks in real life and we learn swimming in natural water. We calculate days till the summer solstice (i think that’s what it’s called) and then we camp out on the last day and watch the sun rise together. We let them cycle and learn about people by talking to actual people. The world is their school and we(me and my wife) watch them learn.

Cather is not like Cather from Fangirl but she is like Blue from The raven cycle. But Mathew is very like Mathew from The raven cycle (very cute and adorable).

And lastly, both of them are imaginary!


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