a book.

i’d like to run
far away
from the trouble things
i sit
and read a book.

–books are my ultimate escape
–book blog of mine at http://www.ravenandbeez.wordpress.com and the old one on http://www.ravenandbeez.blogspot.com




Holding hands
we are there
for each other
pick up the pace
when one falls back.

Holding hands
we are there
for each other
a source of warmth
when the cold wind blows.

Holding hands
we are there
for each other
match our strides
even at the turns.

–i conjured this up when i was taking a walk with my dad in the night (we go almost everyday)

i need to tell you a thing

It is time i tell you a thing.

And that thing is that i have two children. The elder one, Cather is a girl and she is older to Mathew, a small ball.

Both of them are home schooled- we (me and my wife and the kids) take impromptu trips to mountains to study rocks in real life and we learn swimming in natural water. We calculate days till the summer solstice (i think that’s what it’s called) and then we camp out on the last day and watch the sun rise together. We let them cycle and learn about people by talking to actual people. The world is their school and we(me and my wife) watch them learn.

Cather is not like Cather from Fangirl but she is like Blue from The raven cycle. But Mathew is very like Mathew from The raven cycle (very cute and adorable).

And lastly, both of them are imaginary!


i’m having
a blast;
hence i
exhibit it,
for it’s a battle;
who’s brave enough
to go solo?

–we’re afraid
–day 3 from threewordsaday

we’re afraid

giving up
is sometimes
of conquering
the thought
the blast
that made you flee.

–we’re afraid
–day 3 from threewordsaday
–first time doing it; am i any good?



The rain falls,
We swing;
and the rest of the world
goes by.

–my soulmate (also my mother, mother-of-my-children and bff) and i went for an imprompto walk (v. romantic) in the rain and we sat on the swings for almost an hour and it was the best.


Jordan Catalano
might lean
and you
like you’ve got everything to give
i’d like to find people
i’d like to share you with
but still keep you mine.

–i poetry now
–this one is about fictional characters and the world we create where they exist, essentially fandoms, and the people who share with us the beautiful characters
–you is no other than Levi, whose smiles we all know about

i am not

i am not mother
nor child
not brother
nor fiend
i am fleeting
an expression
a feeling
maybe even a song;
but only
when i am seen,
or heard.