University diary #4


“You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.
What mood is that?
Last-minute panic.”
Bill Watterson


(what am i doing)


University Diary #3

University is bloody hard!
Here’s how:

Step 1:
Assignment – you see this book? This book has chapters on different problems faced by the youth. There’s everything from politics to education to gender inequality to other things.
You also see that this book has an introduction where all those issues are summarized in a few lines. Read that. And then take any one line about any one topic of the problems that the youth face (how many can there be!!!).
Step 2:
Now take that line and find “stuff” about it in the media. No, newspaper articles won’t do.
Step 3:
Now question that shit and form your own opinions.
Step 4:
If you thought that was it, remember that this book was written five years ago so you have to compare and contrast and verify and differentiate.
Step 5:
Now write about it – make sure to incorporate media in it and the reading and your own opinion-but back it by facts.
Step 6:
Do it in 200 words.
Step 7:
Also just for bonus, that book is also written by your module operator and he will read it and he can do whatever he wants with your grade.
Step 8:
Just so you know, it should be undergraduate level writing and of course you haven’t been taught that.
Step 9:
No you can’t spend the whole last night on it- when the clock strikes 12, you gotta give it up.

So there you have it, a summary of the shark tank you’re thrown in in university. And while it sounds fun and easy and looks like a lot of freedom, it isn’t!
Its bloody hard.
Its like you’re in this land and every angle is walk able so HOW do you choose. And once you’ve done that, what next? Read 50 page journals with sat filled words and 100 other things?
And then, find media examples of it!
And then vomit it out but also make sure its 200 words and it also should form a coherent argument and be catchy and relevant and answer tons of questions and no, you haven’t been taught to do that!

The above words were honest whining and i unfortunately love all my course work but am finding it miserably tough and my last minute actions make it no easier.
With some more practice and stretching out of my comfort zone, i will be much much better. And no procrastination and overdoing and craziness.

The problem i face currently is more on structuring my words and sentences to form coherent though, commutative what I’m trying to say, have good choice of words and have good delivery. I gate all the sentences i write. I also have terribly difficulty and forming a flow and train of thought that is understandable and linked. Any tips?

Its all about challenging myself and my doing it with 5 minutes to spare doesn’t help.
I get a lot of good points but forming an argument that has continuity is hard for me. Framing. When i try I’m met with mind block and even when there’s words i don’t like them.
A lot of it is because I’ve only ever written when i feel like it and that’s when sentences just coke to me. So ie this is pulling me out of my comfort zone. Bye.