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This week on John Green-esque movies and eating dark chocolate bars (assorted) and drinking stuff from big BR plastic smoothie cups (water, really), and wearing pjamas otherwise known as ‘lazy pants’, this not dying-girl brings to you: Me, Earl and the dying girl and Paper towns!

Right now, I should be heading down to the grocery and buying stuff and make lunch but it’s already too late and so I’m eating Fleur De Sel Noir bars (Dark chocolate with salt) and listening to Death cab for cutie. I promise you i only get this way after watching some movies. Apparently, Me, Earl and the dying girl is one of those movies. But now, I seem to be at a loss of words. I guess i don’t really like reviewing movies.

I like the feeling. I like the feeling that movies (some of them) leave in you, and i like the feeling of living i them. I like being in that fantasy place in my head and feeling nostalgia and the happy smell (?) of memories.

Me, Earl and the dying girl was a nice movie in the sense that they had perfect proportions of awkwardness, friendship, life and cancer in it. You could make your assumptions on me based on the fact that i like this movie, and i wouldn’t care. A very simple and ultimately cliched idea -cancer girl, this movie does it well. Granted it’s based on a book, which i have but purposely haven’t read because i believe books before movies spoil movies but nothing can spoil books. If this movie is on the idea of the very hyped and over used idea about a sick girl, all the other parts of this movie tone that very part of it and make a honest to god film about life in the teenage and just juggling life.

A search into google about ‘cancer girl movies’ tells me i haven’t watched a lot of them. But i have watched Now is good, which i loved. And The fault in the (or is it our?) stars. The very obvious part of difference is that MEATDG is not a love story- it definitely has got romantic notions (see the real meaning dickheads), but it’s not about falling in love.

Wait, the girl in Safe Haven had cancer? Why don’t i remember?

Oh yeah, because Nicholas Cage Sparks (ew Cage!) movies are only for hot guy staring (  ).

Stuck in love had cancer girl but that movie was soo good it doesn’t matter (wait who had cancer??). It seems i’m forgetting everything.

A little bit of heaven- this movie was the bomb! My sisters keeper was alright. A walk to remember wasn’t that bad! Sweet November – don’t get me started on the manic pixie dream girl thing. Stepmom was okay.

Movies I’ve watched but don’t remember who had cancer – Safe Haven, Stuck in love, The last song, One day, P.S. I love you, The sisterhood of traveling pants….NO, i remember that one.

This post is so uncoordinated because i don’t think anyone (except my best friend) reads my blog and these words i write.

So anyway, MEATDG was a really wonderful movie with pretty nice cinematography (my media production class compels me to notice such stuff), and a beautiful script and a nice message and I would recommend it because it really touches the heart and also reminded me of high school.

Continuing with this theme of high school nostalgia and John Green everything, I also watched Paper Towns.

I felt Paper towns really honored what Hank Green said about the movie, something like we are all ordinary people doing ordinary things and it is up to us to find the extraordinary in it. I had imagined the movie to be very movie and pretty picture and mystifying and amazing, quite like the Margo- Q imagines her to be. But up close, she (the movie) was like an adventure to have with your best friends before high school ends, very real and relate-able. Especially the smiles that Nat Wolff gives when he remembers the happy things, it felt like the stupid smile i give when i remember the sleepover at school i had with my friends.

Did the movie succeed in humanizing Margo Roth Speigelman or the infamous Cara Delgfdgjrgr? I think it did. Even though Q still believed that Margo was still amazing and something, Q realized that Margo was not the pop up beautiful girl with the mysterious aura around her and he respected her and believed that she wasn’t someone to get. Paper towns did diminish the fantasia-l overview of what we maybe believe someone to be.

And it sort of reminded me, of the fact that we’re all flat outside of our heads (paper town for a paper girl).

That’s all for today, you might here from me again today reviewing weird types of chocolates pretty much collectively disappointing with two other weird people who make up a part of my world.

Just remember, in today’s world, we don’t see people as real people with thoughts and feelings, but as a set of character traits and theories we imagine them to be, but everyone, everyone is themselves, just as full of a human being as you are. Nobody is that one dimensional villain or that blond girl who has perfect hair all the time. Everyone is a full three dimensional person, and you might not understand them or get them but they are as real and true as anyone else.

Everyone deserves a chance to walk with everyone else.



  1. Akahayla · October 14, 2015

    I am so glad to be one of the weird people that make up your world.

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