we might be hollow, but we’re brave

Meet me, resident crazy person with great hair to party in the spoils of life, yo!


What’s your favorite tattoo?

Oh wow brilliant first question, because I don’t have one yet! Probably the Nautilus Circle tattoo on Cosima in Orphan Black or the seahorse tattoo in that* film.

Do you still know any nursery rhymes?

Yeah! My favorite one goes, “He went to bed and crashed his head and never got up?”

Which film makes you cry?

The book thief, duh! Also, Taare zameen par (stars on the ground) – every-time! I’m not a huge cryer- but that film gets me sobbing every time.

What beauty product can you not live without?


What’s your earliest memory?

Sitting on a swing in a blue frock with polka dots while my grand-dad pushed me…

Where in the world are you the happiest?

The library! Or a book shop. Any place with books basically! Or in my bed with my laptop at night….

How would your best friend describe you in three words?

Funny, stupid and eccentric! (I cheated on this one- I asked my friend who basically lives in my house! -get out! (just kidding))

What’s your favorite meal?

Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza!.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

Um… Tim Burton, Maggie Steifvater, Rainbow Rowell, Ned Vizzini, Stephen Chobosky.. .Not to forget, The Doctor, and Donna! and River, and Emily Dickinson and Vincent Van Gogh. And maybe Queen Elizabeth. And Felix aka Pewss for funny!

Do you play any instruments?

Haha! Nope. I can’t control my limbs.

If you could be a superhero for a day, who would you be?

Superman, yeah probably Superman. I’d also like to be Tauriel from The Hobbit. Or my own brand of drug induced superhero.

What’s your life motto?

Everything Calvin and Hobbes.

What’s your dream film role?

Sherlock Holmes. Basically anyone who is dead sexy smart.

If you were a Disney princess, who would you be?

I’m Rapunzel.

Who is your favorite artist?

Last I remember, Vincent Van Gogh. I wish I went to more galleries.

What is your favorite smell?

That’s easy. My mum’s smell after work when she’s put her ‘Charlie’ perfume. I love that smell. It makes me feel really safe.

What does your star sign say about you?

That I’m cynical, inquisitive, charmer, good with people, analytical, blah blah blah.

When you were younger, which television or film star did you want to be?

It was always either Kiara from Lion king 2 or Mowgli from Jungle Book. It was my life’s ambition to eat those seedless mangoes till reality betrayed me.

How do you define happiness?

Er, living in the moment and not being aware and just being exhilarated, much like being on drugs.

Biker and denim jacket?


Instagram or Twitter?


Hair up or hair down?

Hair down.

Trainers or heels?


What is one thing you regret?

Not making the most out of things. I regret being afraid of the bouncy castle my entire childhood but in the last 10 minutes, I regret hearing and reading about things and not doing anything about them despite wanting to. I regret being sleepy all the time and having a idgaf attitude and loosing all the million opportunities I could have had. *Sigh*

What is the best thing about these questions?

I feel like I’m getting to know myself as a third person, and I like that. It’s also flattering to have the subject of these questions to be about me.

*the tattoo is from the movie Hitman and it’s actually a dragon.

The premise of this post is that I am interviewing myself with questions from a Cara Delevingne British Vogue interview. This is partly to feel self important but to also signify that I am as interesting a person as a model turned actress turned beatboxer(?).

I suppose i consider this post to be a satirical view on the fluff around celebrities and the importance we give to them and the desire we have to know so much about them, bordering on obsession.

This is a contrast, between the Cara Delevingne, famous perfect person and me, unknown crazy person and the difference in interest levels when either of us answers these questions.

I’d like to end this post admitting that I too am prey to the spiked interest in many celebrities that the norm in the world at all times. But i am also interested in the unknown millions of persons.

So go ahead, interview yourself, after all, you’re almost famous!


One comment

  1. Raven · August 27, 2015

    Hola peasant!
    That’s really beautiful. The whole idea behind your post is inspiring. I think more people should do this.
    There are people who care about you. 🙂


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