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Some questions for a model #1

Long time no see kids!

A while back, I decided to be nosy about a profession that always grabbed my attention but would never be a profession I could have first hand (because I’m a 5’6 smol person). If you haven’t guessed it, it’s modelling!

I found some lovely people through the power of lovely social media who were willing to let me in on some trade secrets. So without any more yik-yak, here’s is one interview!

This is Miyanda Jacobs Newton.

Why did you choose to be a model? How did your growing up affect it? Did you have any role models when you were younger and how did they affect your decision?
I was scouted 4 years ago in Montreal, Canada. Becoming a model was not in the plans for my near future but I knew with time it would probably happen due to me being very tall. I am (6ft). Being a model allowed me to self express, and automatically became independent because I have to travel on my own. I started modeling at the age of 15 years old and I had to carry myself in a professional manner when it was time to meet with clients. I do not look up to anyone because I am a strong believer in self execution and self growth. I prefer to do research on multiple people in my field and apply it to the way in which I want to go about carrying myself in the industry.
How did your job affect your search for an identity?
My modeling career allowed me to stay true to myself at all times. I began to understand my root more as I have to portray the image I want to be proud of and I want people to see. I walked into my agency here in New York, Ford Models agency and stated “I cannot continue to have my hair straight anymore. I want to be natural, I want to let my afro breath and be seen.” From that moment on I realize how much power I have over my career and how much I understand my being, my root.
What is, according to you, the best part of your job? What’s the worst? What is the thing that makes you angriest about your job?
I am my own business women. I am my own brand. I am my own product. The downfall is clients or the public getting comfortable with the look you may portray. As a female… as a human we grow and aspire to be great. People begin to have expectations of how they think you should look or act because it is what they are use to seeing. I don’t get angry with my job, I grow with it and try to understand the change as they try to understand my growth.
How did your family feel about your decision to take up modelling and have their feelings on the matter changed?
My family is really big on education and a routine way of doing things. I first got signed with an agency in my hometown Montreal, Canada when I was 15. I was still in high school, playing sports and trying to deal with teenage drama. I decided to move to New York to further in my career, the moment I traveled to London in June of 2015 my family came around and realize this may be a blessing.
What kind of freedom do you have when doing, say, a photo-shoot? How do you feel about that?
I feel like I’m swimming in the sea. It clears my mind allowing me to portray whatever person, energy and vibes I need to portray for that shoot. I get excited when I have a photo shoot because I know I’ll enjoy the rest of my day.
What are the things you sacrifice for your job? 
What is your daily diet and work out like? Your secret to perfect legs?
I drink a lot of water, eat veggies and fruits. I love smoothies! No carbs is my secret for a toned stomach. I workout everyday at home for about 45 minutes sometimes it’s 20 minutes on my lazy days. I walk a lot to keep my heart pumping and my legs strong.
What were your favorite school subjects?
I love literature and psychology. I am currently a student at Liberty University studying for my bachelors in Criminal Psychology I take online classes so I can always be available for work.
When do you feel the most vulnerable?
When I’m sick
What does your style say about you? What are the ways you express yourself? Is your job one of the ways you do that? Or do you have to adjust your ways in order to suit the job?
My job adjusts to me. My style has a consistency of classy with my signature scarf. I always have a scarf on unless I’m taking a picture. It is my off camera signature. My style represents the music I listen to. From street style in relation to hip hop, to leather in relation to rock and roll.
What would you be doing if you weren’t modelling?
I only think of what is or will be. Maybes and if’s aren’t considered in my mind or vocabulary.
What do you see yourself doing in the future? What are your biggest fears?
I don’t have any fears and I continue to do what I am doing now. I see myself having a home a big house and that’s the goal.
 What is your biggest insecurity? What’s your biggest insecurity about your body?
I don’t have insecurities I just hate having bad hair days.
How do you feel about introducing yourself as a model? Do you feel like people make assumptions about you based on your profession and physicality?
Of course I understand the stereotypes and the labels of the title of my job and I absolutely love it because it is a big part of who I am. What is understood doesn’t need to be explained and models have our own world and we understand our own reality.
What has modelling done for you? Are you more insecure or secure in your body now? How do you feel about the possibility of your body changing from as it is now?
Modeling has opened so many doors for me to travel and explore. It has opened doors for me to meet some amazing people and attend the most special events. I feel very comfortable with myself and being a model only allows me to be as healthy as I can be. From skin to abs, from hair to nails I always have to be on point. I am a female, I love it, it is only another excuse to take a trip to the mall.
Your biggest struggle you changed into a strength?
Poverty, I used my unprivileged background to concur any unsatisfying situation.
What’s your favorite body part? Least favorite? When do you feel the most beautiful? When do you feel the opposite?
Beauty has to do with my mental state. I feed my brain with knowledge, then look in the mirror and feel more attractive. For me, beauty lies within growth.
Do you feel like you fit society’s standards of femininity and do you think your job reinforces that image?
I think we can all agree that androgyny is the way to go.
Do you ever find yourself changing your behavior in order to suit/fit the role society and media has assigned to you?
No, I don’t confine to society and I know this is what makes me so intriguing.
What are your thoughts on make up? How do you feel about the fact that make up and Photoshop are used to alter an image for it to look picture perfect?
I know it makes the job of the model easier that’s why the increase of “models” has risen so dramatically. I feel bad for those who have to watch our pictures and think that’s the “norm”. The entire purpose of being a model isn’t to be “average”. Photoshop and makeup altered our minds for the worst. If I have a pimple that day, just show it. I’m human, make a little girl feel like she can rock that pimple.
What are your thoughts on body empowerment? What, according you to is your job’s role in it?
Focus on health and the best of you not the comparison of someone next to you. My voice, my work, my being will simply allow you to be the best of you whenever around me because I am just so me. My job plays no role in showing what I believe in. Let’s be real my job wants us all to look unnaturally skinny. It may not be their intentions but it’s what is being portrayed.
I image you must get many unsolicited and all types of comments on your appearance and physicality. How does that make you feel?
I personally don’t care, your opinion is yours and they can’t handle all this goodness anyway. I’ve spent 4 years hearing professional speak on my appearance and 19 years hearing beings state opinions on my style of expression.
I hope you enjoyed reading her lovely words and insights. In the end, model or engineer, we’re all a bunch of people learning how to get by. Tell me more of what you think below!
You can find the model on Instagram here- @miyandajacobs.


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